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 (Vita Mathildis 1111-1115. Donizone)

The historic Matilde parade is a reminiscent event of historical character, which is held annually in Quattro Castella, in the province of Reggio Emilia, since 1955; Was interrupted in the years 1972 to 1984. The event is currently organized by the Matildico Committee, a group of 26 volunteers. The Matildico Committee is the organizer of the event since 1984, the year of the recovery of the parade after almost 10 years of interruption. The Committee works in the name and on behalf of the City of Quattro Castella.

In July 1081 in Lucca, King Henry IV solemnly issued a BAN against Matilde, accused of high treason (REA LESA MAESTÀ), which foresees the confiscation of all her belongings and feuds, with the consequent fall of the ” OBLIGATION OF FAITH by all her vassals.

Thirty years later (May 1111) in Bianello, his son Emperor Enrico V with the gesture of REINFEUDATION, revoked the ban of Lucca and awarded her the title of VICARIA IMPERIALE in ITALY, reintegrating, in fact, her former role as governor and vassal.

The Historical Matilde Parade draws its name from the parade (“procession”) of over 1000 exquisite costumes in the streets of Quattro Castella. The play consists of theatrical re-evocation of the historical episode, with the figure of Matilde and of Emperor Henry V, commonly interpreted by figures of performance, culture and sport. The event has traditionally several medieval shows:

The parades and performances of the districts of balladers and castellian musicians (Contrada di Monticelli, Contrada della Corte, Contrada della Maestà della Battaglia, Contrada di Borgoleto, Historical Group of Villici, Historical Group of Archers of the Four Castella)

The Quintana of the Ring: a skill game for knights. Participants must be able to stick with the spear during a ride of the rings.

The Great Path of Arms, known as “Bridge Game” or “Bridge Fight”: 2 teams composed of 7 fighters face duel over a wooden bridge. The team succeeds in dropping all the components of the opposing team from the deck

Quattro Castella districts and groups:

Historical Group “Villici delle Quattro Castella”
Archers of Quattro Castella
Historical Group “The Knights of Matilde”
Contrada della Corte
Contrada del Borgoleto
Contrada di Monticelli
Contrada Maestà della Battaglia
Historical Group “Great Path of Weapons” – Bridge Fighters

The event is currently organized by the “Comitato Matildico”, an association made up of volunteers from Quattro Castella. The Comitato Matildico is the organizer of the event since 1984, the year of the recovery of the Court after almost 10 years of interruption.



President: Stefano Giuranno

Vice President-Treasurer: Emidio Fantuzzi

Secretary: Luana Pili


Group Director: Stefano Giuranno, Emidio Fantuzzi, Luana Pili, Eleanora Grasselli, Anna Maria Romani, Omar Rizzi

Communication Group: Eleonora Grasselli, Andrea Luiselli (collaboratori: Francesco Mantovani)

Secretary Group: Ilenia Curti, Cosetta Casotti, Eleonora Grasselli

Schools Group: Eleonora Grasselli

Costume Group: Monica Baroni, Anna Maria Romani

Coordinator of Historical and Medieval Market Groups: Tiziana Animini, Gabriele Manduchi, Gabriele Benassi

Logistics and Security Group: Guido Buratti, Massimo Massimo Tarabelloni, Giacomo Bertani, Giuseppe Prampolini, Giancarlo Beneventi

Public relation Group: Stefano Giuranno, Emidio Fantuzzi

Knights Group: Fabio Tagliavini

Hospitality-Campers Group: Gabriele Benassi

The Association Comitato Matildico is a non-profit org, engaged in territorial promotion activities, social utility, enhancement of local history and culture. The aims of the Association are, plan, organize, support and promote events, exhibitions, publications and cultural events, aimed at enhancing the Matildica history, Bianello Castle and the local monuments. Make public utility investments related to the promotion of the territory of Quattro Castella, its history, tourism, its local products and traditions.

All events, including the Historical Matilde Parade, are realized with the sole resources of sponsorships, donations and social contributions, without affecting the costs of public administration.

2 April 2017 – Another prestigious award for the Comitato Matildico Association! For the high value achieved, the Emilia-Romagna Region grants patronage to the Matilde Parade by allowing us to use the logo of the Region throughout our promotional material.

March 28, 2017 – We are happy and proud to announce that with full rights, we have become part of the prestigious Association of the A.E.R.R.S., which brings together the best historical reminiscences of Emilia Romagna. We are present in their website (http://www.aerrs.it) with our history and our event, which is repeated every year on the last weekend of May.

March 15, 2017 – We will be present with some members of the Comitato Matildico, at the Armi & Bagagli Show in Piacenza on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March, to promote the 52^ Cortex Matildico … Come visit us! Corteo Matild. Volantino 2017

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Cecilia Di Donato – Matilde di Canossa

Giusto Cucchiarini –  Enrico V

Valeria Perdonò – Beatrice di Lorena

Simone Formicola – Goffredo il Barbuto

24-25-26-27 May 2018


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Within 48 hours you will get a mail confirmation with indication of the assigned seats.

Please print the confirmation e-mail and show it at the entrance in  via matildica on sunday.

Once paid you’ll get the ticket.

Ticket must be collected within Sunday 27/05 at 16.30. After this time uncollected ticket will be sold.

Organized in collaboration with Fontana Viaggi:


For detailed information: www.fontanaviaggi.com info@fontanaviaggi.com TEL: +39 0522 879145 FAX: +39 0522 879212


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